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Episode 58: Brain Injury Is A Disease

In this episode of Brain Injury Insider, host Michael Kaplen reviews research on the chronic effects of brain injury, and argues its time public health officials and insurance carriers recognize the long-term consequences of brain trauma and classify traumatic brain injury as a disease entity.

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Episode 58: Brain Injury Is A Disease

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Episode 36: Bicycle Accidents in New York City

Episode 35: Heading In English Soccer - New Guidelines

Episode 34: Race Norming in the NFL Class Action Brain Injury Lawsuit

Havana Syndrome: The Concussion Like Symptoms Affecting US Embassy Personnel

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Episode 31: A Mother’s Day message for all mothers caring for a child with a TBI

Episode 30: The Leading Cause of Traumatic Brain Injury in the United States

Episode 29: The Long Term Consequences of Concussion

Episode 28: Yehuda Ben-Yishay (1933-2021)

Episode 27: Why It's Time We Take Action On Traumatic Brain Injury

Episode 26: Traumatic Brain Injury Annual Scholarship Fund 2021

Episode 25: Brain Injury Awareness Day 2021

Episode 24: The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on Children and Their Families

Episode 23: Brain Injury Awareness Month (Day 1)

Episode 22: Shana De Caro elected as Chairwoman of the Brain Injury Association of America

Episode 21: Is This New Test A Game Changer For Concussion Diagnosis?

Episode 20: Can Covid-19 Cause Brain Damage? Studies Suggest The Answer Could Be Yes.

Episode 19: Anosmia (Loss of Smell and Taste) Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Episode 18: Concussion & Head Injury In Soccer (New Substitution Rules)

Episode 17: A New Year's Message from De Caro & Kaplen, LLP

Episode 16: The Impact of Covid-19 on Brain Injury Survivors

Episode 15: Ethical Considerations For Professionals Working With Brain Injury Survivors

Episode 14: The Need For a Clear Pathway to Independence Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Episode 13: Future Loss of Earnings for Brain Injury Survivors

Episode 12: The Right Questions To Ask Following A Head Injury

Episode 11: What Is a Life Care Plan? And Why Is It So Important In Brain Injury Lawsuits?

Episode 10: Brain Injury Lawsuit Settlements and Medicaid

Episode 9: "Brain Fog", The Covid-19 Symptom Shared With Brain Injury Survivors

Episode 8: The Brain Injury Identification Card

Episode 7: The Brain Injury Association of America

Episode 6: How does an attorney prove a brain injury in court?

Episode 5: Why I became a brain injury lawyer

Episode 4: How to select a brain injury attorney

Episode 3: What is a mild traumatic brain injury?

Episode 2: Domestic violence and traumatic brain injury.

Episode 1: Should you be driving after a concussion?

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Brain Injury Insider is a weekly video update by The Brain Injury Law Firm ®. We cover the latest news and developments in traumatic brain injury, concussion, and brain injury law.

Host Michael Kaplen is a passionate advocate of the rights of brain injury survivors, and as a senior partner in the New York brain injury law firm De Caro & Kaplen, LLP has been fighting on their behalf for over 40 years.
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